Singing lesson

‘Live’ coaching:

There are some limited spaces for ‘live’ singing lessons (and eventually online). These lessons are 45 minutes for €60,-.

In these singing lessons we do technical excercises to train the muscle memory, natural breathing and to make the right choice of ‘voice possibility’. This knowledge will be connected with your songs. I will accompany you on piano. It’s very important fort he development to determine your voice type (bass/bariton/tenor/alto/mezzo/soprano), so you can sing the right repertoire. For modern music you have to know which voice switches you have to make, and which choices you should take.

These lessons are a good opportunity to prepare roles.

Musicality, technique, humor and professionalism are the main parts of my lessons.

Repertoire: Ivar is a singing expert in the musicaltheatre working field, but is also specialised in rock- and popeffects.

Basic knowledge of Jazz- and Classical singing can also be taught: very interesting for musical- and popperformers to broaden there musical horizon.

Methods: Ivar uses a lot of methods:

Breathing- and speechmethods (Coblenzer, Accent-method), modern singingtechniques (EVT) and belcanto-/classical singing techniques.

Finding your voice colour and resonance is essential, and making the right ‘voice choices’ (legit/belt/mixing/classical and so on). This of course with natural breathing, so you can do 8 shows a week, throughout the year, even at off-days. For singers in a band this means to perform multiple shows while maintaining your technique and stamina, without losing your musicality.

Pop- and rockeffects: Pop- and rockeffects can all be learned to perform healthy. Think of ‘breathy singing, locking, grunting, screaming and so on. Not every voice ‘likes’ every effect, but by trial and error you will find out what fits you the most. Ivar can teach you how to control these effects and when to apply.