Online Coaching

Ivar Costenoble is a vocal coach and audition coach for professionals on international toplevel. By using this new concept of online coaching you can learn from his expertise.

Here’s a new and quick way for coaching.

Send me your recording(s) of your audition or song in WhatsApp (0031611391748), or a closed Youtube-link or Wetransfer. In this email ( or the contact form you have to send me the following information:

  1. Is it for an audition/band/show/role/personal question?
  2. For what kind of show/study/band/producer is the recording/audition?
  3. What’s your level (professional/semi-professional/student/amateur) and do you have questions?
  4. If you’re in a hurry, please indicate what’s the deadline for feedback. If possible I will give it priority. In principle you can expect feedback within a week.
  5. For the payment I will need your full name, emailaddress and phone number.

In your feedback (recording or email) I will point out different subjects which you can improve. This can be about specific singing techniques, presentation, intelligibility and so on. Feedback is personal, but can be accompanied with prerecorded overall feedback on breathing, mouth position, belting and so on to give you complete feedback.

After my feedback I will send you an invoice. Your recordings will stay private, won’t be forwarded or used on social media, and will be deleted after three months. For most of the recordings I will be working for 15 or 30 minutes. It depends on how long and complex your recordings are.

15 minutes: 25,-
30 minutes: 45,-